01-11-2004 20:19 #

Rodney "Kamal" Jackson -

(spotted by Morcs)

04-09-2004 16:51 #

Lost a CD in Warwick recently? Try searching amongst the bushes in the corner of Tesco's car park:
SVCD of Rub & Tug

11-08-2004 20:36 #

A blatant plug for the project I've recently been designing/coding instead of updating malevole:

Mark Sinclair: original fine art photography

08-06-2004 20:40 #

"That song 'The Sun Has Got His Hat On' didn't make sense to me when I was a kid. If the sun's got his hat on there's less sun, which isn't good."

"Yeah, but what if the hat's really small and right on the back of his head?"

"Yeah I suppose so..."

"Or what if it's a transparent hat or something?"

"Or a big shiny parabolic hat that focuses the rays? Yeah then it'd make sense..."



03-04-2004 14:12 #

A late great-aunt lived in a dark, smoky house full of hoarded objects. A toy ape called Munty sat on a chair in the corner. He scared us.

The Power of Munty

20-03-2004 15:37 #

Today my supermarket trolley already bore
an awesomely minimal shopping list:

  Simplify Your Life

09-02-2004 21:32 #

Some Girls You May Like - David Grantham expresses his appreciation of minor celebrities through a collection of mildly pervy video captures and an unintentionally-hilarious Feedback section.

If you recently enjoyed the Worst 100 Pop Records, you need Chegger's Choice. But be warned, life can never be the same again with Black Lace lurking near the top of your iTunes Artist list.

25-01-2004 15:29 #

     It's a lean, mean burgering machine

19-01-2004 21:34 #

An ex-colleague left behind an unwanted VHS copy of Inseminoid and, although I saw the trailer a while back, last weekend I approached watching the entire film with some trepidation. I needn't have worried, it was every bit as shoddy as I'd hoped.
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