08-02-2002 19:28 #

Am I the only one sick & tired of uninteresting, unfunny, war-related propaganda? I'm sure a washed-up comedian somewhere is being paid by the US military to produce all this crap for people to send around offices.

"Hey guys, how about one where he gets it up the ass, that'll be great for morale.. screw that war'll-be-over-by-Christmas WW2 shit"

04-02-2002 19:54 #

The Lost World of ASCII

03-02-2002 16:30 #

Before Christmas my landlady dropped hints to her bloke that she'd rather like the new Enrique Iglesias album.

We can only imagine her expression when she eagerly tore off the wrapping to find he'd gotten a bit confused and bought Eminem instead...

Handy Cut-Out-And-Keep Guide

01-02-2002 18:28 #

It disturbs me that it ever occurred to someone to manufacture confectionery resembling seafood.

Shrimp Sweet

28-01-2002 23:06 #



Can I help you?

Can you send me a taxi?

Er I think you've got the wrong number...

I want a taxi.. to go home..

Sorry you've called the wrong number-

But can you send me a taxi?

No this isn't a taxi firm, you've got the wrong number

Can you send me a car then?

No, I can't.

I need a car, I'm drunk. Can you send me a car?


28-01-2002 22:51 #

Spotted in Leamington last week - a grubby white van with hearts, flowers and
crudely sprayed on the side. Faded photos of Ms. Spears were taped onto the back doors. Sincere expression of support for a blossoming talent, or dodgy stalkermobile with a mattress in the back? You decide.

08-01-2002 23:04 #

08-01-2002 23:01 #

Yesterday I noticed the familiar logo of an unnamed car dealership chain in the back window of a green Ford Fiesta.

Traumatic memories of designing their Web site flooded back...

"Put the logo on a brushed metal plaque. And can you make the headings look like liquid metal, y'know like in Terminator 2?"

06-01-2002 22:49 #

New Year Timewasters

04-01-2002 22:39 #

"First post!"

Expect a strange mixture of links, ramblings and maybe a few creative projects to litter this site over the coming months.

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