06-04-2002 12:28 #

Peter Jackson's Brain Dead must be the goriest and funniest thing I've seen in a long time. Any film featuring the following sequence can't be bad:

Kung Fu Priest
kungfupriest.mpg (889KB)

02-04-2002 19:13 #

Weblog-safe Colour Palette

Simplicity Furtive Equiv Bristle x
Dom Strategic Innings Liver Slash
Pow Nu Carlos Word User
Ism Tenner JayKay Trenches Jurassic
Breakfast AsIAn Self-link Act V Grace

31-03-2002 10:59 #

Freaking Rat Easter Bunny
Happy Easter from
The Freaking Rat Easter Bunny

29-03-2002 15:02 #

When shopping I get bored, so my mind wanders and fixates on strange details such as misplaced products.

I mean, seeing one brand of baked beans sitting amongst another seems reasonable - someone changed their mind and switched products. But what about the following?:

Could one highly confused individual be behind all these product swaps plaguing Tesco just outside Warwick?

22-03-2002 21:04 #


If you discover Archie, my pet woodlouse, scuttling around under the notes please excuse his Shakespearian ramblings.

He's been inside a copy of Macbeth for weeks and I think it's become an obsession.

13-03-2002 21:29 #

Random thoughts...

  1. A theory: noone looks good in cycling gear. If you feel you can disprove this let me know.
  2. The catering supplies section of your local supermarket is a great place to pretend you're in Land of the Giants.
  3. Lurpak Spreadable fails to live up to the promise of its name when used straight from the fridge on soft white bread.

10-03-2002 14:05 #

More good news

Just launched:
The Official Freaking Rat Bunny site

Perhaps the Web can help finally shed light on this disturbing phenomenon.

08-03-2002 20:09 #

Good news - Mac IE5 users now get the DHTML notes interface. Welcome, one-buttoners.
Hardcore, you know the score
Bad news - the workarounds have made the site slower in Netscape 6. Sorry about that.
Mozillasaurus - 65 million years in the making and they're still coding

02-03-2002 16:13 #

Be wary of hospital staff if you see any of the following in your medical notes:

TUBE - Totally Unnecessary Breast Examination

PF BUNDY - Pretty Fucked But Unfortunately Not Dead Yet

Not for 222 or DNR - Do Not Resuscitate; i.e. you're PF BUNDY.

01-03-2002 12:59 #

Phrase of the Week:

"Freaking rat bunny"

Use it, abuse it, tell it to your friends.

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