14-05-2002 20:42 #

The delightful Sheppyscum site brought back many memories.

A few years back I spent a week there videoing Daihatsus rotating on turntables (long story). It's perhaps not quite as bad as the site makes out, but "recycled kebabs and dog fat" seems like a fair description of the Sheerness food I consumed.

13-05-2002 20:32 #

If only the tickets had proved to be accurate.

Instead of sitting through a predictable thriller starring Jodie Foster we could've watched an innovative Australian drama about a claustrophobic marsupial ("Watch out Bruce, he's gonna kick!").

11-05-2002 19:13 #

I've used Oddpost for a few weeks now, and I'm impressed. They've already got my $30.

BBCi's new search facility has a silly/cowardly text filter that blocks such filth as 'cock a hoop' and 'caber tosser'.

Old Maps of the UK; see what your area was like in the 19th century. Boring for those living in Milton Keynes.

The FA has thought of everything for the World Cup - as well as official T-shirts to riot in there's now the official suit for thugs to wear in court the next day.

I bought TrueSpace, Swift3D and CoolEdit yet have produced virtually nothing with them since. I need a kick up the arse.

05-05-2002 17:13 #

Not the Jakob Nielsen Corner
Drink MeEat Me

04-05-2002 12:36 #

Hello, is that Mr. Round?

Er yes that's me.

I'm just calling to offer you a FREE Nokia mobile 'phone!

Umm thanks but I've got one. I'm using it at the moment.

But it's FREE!

If I sign up for a contract.

Yes but the 'phone is FREE!

So I pay for a year to get a 'phone worse than the one I'm talking to you on?

Er.. it's a really nice 'phone, and it is FREE!!

Please take me off your list.

Have a nice day, Mr. Round.

28-04-2002 21:35 #

A tribute to B3TA

Lap dancers
Lap dancers

24-04-2002 20:39 #

Found recently on the steps outside my workplace:
a receipt for
I'm working with a secret lurve machine.

22-04-2002 19:54 #

Fuji FinePix 6800Zoom
Solid design and good picture quality, I love it.
The Designer's Guide to Colour Combinations
Wonderful if, like me, you struggle a little with colour.
Solaris (DVD)
A slow, quiet film, rough around the edges yet strangely thought-provoking. Think Russian 2001 with added emotion.

14-04-2002 22:14 #

Recent searches leading to this site include:

bodmin the bunny
queen mum still alive
queen mother dhtml
queen mother still alive
queen mum alive
queen mum dhtml
queen mum is dead good
pat sharpe funhouse
bunny boiler
"beast of bodmin" rabbit

Currently this is the Web's number 1 resource for Queen Mother-related DHTML.
I'm so proud.

Unfortunately it's no longer top for Pat Sharpe's Funhouse queries, but I suppose you can't have everything.

11-04-2002 20:14 #


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