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Re: Amazing true story

Re: Did you know..


Re: Software Bonanza

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Get Archie

Never let a woodlouse
watch the excellent
Get Carter (not to be
confused with the crap
Get Carter, of course).
Archie's now demanding a shotgun and crawls around the notes all day acting tough.

Get Strong Bad

I know it's been mentioned everywhere, but Strong Bad's Email is just too good to avoid linking to.

19-05-2002 13:43 #

Apparently all proper weblogs have a blogroll of links to other sites.

I can't quite bring myself to follow such conventions, but here's a bogroll of sites that have linked to malevole.

14-05-2002 20:42 #

The delightful Sheppyscum site brought back many memories.

A few years back I spent a week there videoing Daihatsus rotating on turntables (long story). It's perhaps not quite as bad as the site makes out, but "recycled kebabs and dog fat" seems like a fair description of the Sheerness food I consumed.

13-05-2002 20:32 #

If only the tickets had proved to be accurate.

Instead of sitting through a predictable thriller starring Jodie Foster we could've watched an innovative Australian drama about a claustrophobic marsupial ("Watch out Bruce, he's gonna kick!").

11-05-2002 19:13 #

I've used Oddpost for a few weeks now, and I'm impressed. They've already got my $30.

BBCi's new search facility has a silly/cowardly text filter that blocks such filth as 'cock a hoop' and 'caber tosser'.

Old Maps of the UK; see what your area was like in the 19th century. Boring for those living in Milton Keynes.

The FA has thought of everything for the World Cup - as well as official T-shirts to riot in there's now the official suit for thugs to wear in court the next day.

I bought TrueSpace, Swift3D and CoolEdit yet have produced virtually nothing with them since. I need a kick up the arse.

05-05-2002 17:13 #

Not the Jakob Nielsen Corner
Drink MeEat Me

04-05-2002 12:36 #

Hello, is that Mr. Round?

Er yes that's me.

I'm just calling to offer you a FREE Nokia mobile 'phone!

Umm thanks but I've got one. I'm using it at the moment.

But it's FREE!

If I sign up for a contract.

Yes but the 'phone is FREE!

So I pay for a year to get a 'phone worse than the one I'm talking to you on?

Er.. it's a really nice 'phone, and it is FREE!!

Please take me off your list.

Have a nice day, Mr. Round.

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A tribute to B3TA

Lap dancers
Lap dancers

24-04-2002 20:39 #

Found recently on the steps outside my workplace:
a receipt for
I'm working with a secret lurve machine.

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