30-07-2002 22:17 #

A unique site

Where else would you find a combination of animated rainbow horizontal rules, slightly scary politics and Skeletor fan-fiction?

29-07-2002 12:24 #

Wine + Trivial Pursuit =

"What's another name for a badminton bird?"
"A spoonbill"

"What animal was Napolean most afraid of?"
"Er.. elephants?"
"Well he wouldn't have seen many of those would he?"
"Exactly, it must've scared the fuck out of him when he did"

"Who commanded the Jolly Roger in Peter Pan?"
"Captain Cook"

"Who is Britain's Defender of the Faith?"
"He-Man? Or Man-at-Arms? Is it Man-at-Arms or Man-of-Arms? Men-of-Arms? Has he got lots of arms or something?"
"You're just being silly now."

28-07-2002 14:55 #

Sorry for the lack of updates over the past week, I've been busy rearranging my sock drawer (sorting by colour is so 1990s) and striving to design a superhero who doesn't look incredibly camp (no success so far).

Spud-U-PostThe Natural Living Show is on nearby at the moment, where middle-aged women can get touched by a bearded bloke (spiritual healing), sit in a tent without the canvas (mystical energy pyramid) or buy postcards featuring potatoes. All this inspired me to try to take a photo of my aura, with interesting results.

22-07-2002 22:19 #

The campaigning goes on (PDF; requires Acrobat)


Sometimes you lot make me look sane


Freaking links added


Just been playing some daft little games I did years ago for the SAM Coupé using an emulator, including:
Santa Goes Psycho 2,
One Man & His Frog, Meteor Mania,
Infection, Retros,
(select File > Floppy 1 > Insert; choose unzipped disk file; type 'boot' to load; use F12 to reset)

21-07-2002 16:54 #

Could these actually be secret coded messages?Hot Pork Next Layby

Dotted along the route to the cinema are numerous signs promising greasy roadside food, yet no such products are ever to be found. They lie!

I'd never eat the stuff, but the signs fascinate me.

20-07-2002 13:52 #



The competition's final spin cycle has ended and it's time to hang it out to dry.

Commiserations to the 200 losing entrants. Look on the bright side, at least it didn't involve a minor celebrity turning up on your doorstep to harass you about whiter whites.

18-07-2002 23:31 #

My colleague Mark's application form for Big Brother.

I'm sure you'll agree it's a tragedy that he didn't make it into the house.

16-07-2002 22:41 #


Earth-shattering news
Was this an omen?


 X   X
  X X
  X X
 X   X

15-07-2002 20:57 #

I was so bored waiting for laundry that this seemed really intriguing


14-07-2002 22:58 #

* Debby and basket not includedLaundry update:
under a week to go, you're all wrong so far, prizes are ready & waiting and previous entrants get a free extra guess.

Never let it be said I fail to flog even the most trivial of ideas to death.

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