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Why do the covers of puzzle magazines always feature a slightly-dopy-looking woman?

Mensa application form

Occasionally there's a female celebrity (Dido, Felicity Kendal), but usually it's an anonymous vacant grin alongside the free pen.

It's vaguely similar to the top shelf. Perhaps those who are too shy/short settle for a bit of hot word-on-word action..?

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"...and there'll be hundreds of emails waiting for me on my computer, you know. I get them from people I don't know, you know, who are trying to sell me strange things, I get all sorts.
And there was one from Nigeria about my bank account, well, never again..."

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No need to update while on holiday, here's what'll happen...
Day 1: Stressful packing, verging on punch-up by time of departure. Wrong turn leading to minor detour and major argument. Relieved to arrive at B&B. Fail to find decent evening meal. Resort to foul half-cooked chips in dodgy takeaway.
Day 2: Quiet day, but get lost on way back to B&B. End up walking several miles in wide circle while trading accusations.
Day 3: Attempt supposedly straightforward mountain walk. Unexpected downpour of rain. Dispute over directions. Descent into Blair-Witch-Project-type wanderings and despair. Eventual arrival at civilisation followed by trudge back via simpler route.
Day 4/5/6: Visit quiet scenic area. Take photos of mountains and lakes. Consume pastries in tourist café. Take photos of rocks. Consume pastries in tourist café. Wander back to B&B.
Day 7: Return home. Notice strange smell in flat. Eat whatever's lasted the week without growing mould. Don't unpack. Sleep.

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  The Identikit Project

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My Late 5k Entry
(requires Flash 5; resize window if slow)

I somehow managed to miss the deadline despite having it ready weeks in advance. Ah well, congratulations to the winners.

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Over the past two years I've passed this garden centre countless times, at various times of day, yet I've never seen any customers. Not one.

I reckon there must be a secret gambling den in the greenhouses, filled with octagenarians from the local nursing homes betting their pensions on Blackjack and which marigold will flower first.

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I've no idea what happened this weekend, it's a blank. I got home Friday evening and had some food, next thing I know I'm waking up, it's Sunday afternoon, and there's this page sitting on the server.

All I can recall are vague flashbacks of Photoshop's layers palette, the Print-Scrn key and insane cackling. Perhaps I need a holiday.

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After a hard day's work, there's nothing I like more than to come home to the amplified sound of dodgy singing and guitar-playing drifting across from events at the rugby club.

Is this [mp3] really 'Are you wired up to the power of the Lord?', or did I mishear something less amusing/likely to involve electrodes..?

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A unique site

Where else would you find a combination of animated rainbow horizontal rules, slightly scary politics and Skeletor fan-fiction?

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