01-10-2002 20:03 #

"Visit Our Wonderful Victorian Seafront"
Curiosity recently led us to sunny Silloth, after we'd seen an ad alongside the M6 further south. Having perused the graffiti, viewed the chemical works next to the funfair, and listened to old women talk excitedly about visiting a charity shop, we moved on along the coast, past burnt-out buildings and rows of parked lorries...

30-09-2002 20:00 #

Something I've wondered:
Do people in the U.S. really use those box-shaped paper grocery bags we see on TV/film? Surely it's only possible to precariously carry two at most? Perhaps they're cunningly designed to facilitate chance meetings from dropped items getting picked up by mysterious strangers, or built solely for weird competitions.

26-09-2002 23:30 #

The lunchtime Holy Grail is the 100% up-front baguette order. You see, if you initially only specify one variable (filling) then several additional questions will be required, covering the bread (white/brown? crusty/soft?) and accompaniment to the main filling (salad? dressing(s)? onions?).

After specifying "smoked turkey in a white crusty baguette, with salad and a little mayonnaise" (plus a polite "please", of course) it was within my grasp... only to be cruelly snatched away as we later realised I'd failed to specify no onions. They merely assumed, forgot, or ran out. Curses!
In fact, erratic crustiness and onion questioning is currently causing some distress, as we've yet to decipher the complex patterns involved. They're toying with us.

23-09-2002 19:40 #

Unfortunately, like many Python sketches, it's not actually funny...

20th Century Vole
(thanks, Shawn Holwegner)

22-09-2002 17:11 #

Knight's Tour
Guide Knight Rider star David Hasselhoff on a tour around Germany.
Start on any square then, by moving as a Chess knight, try to bring his joyful music to the entire area...

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conclave obscurum

19-09-2002 21:16 #

I'm moving this site to improved hosting over the next few days, so there may be a teeny bit of disruption.

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Who would've guessed that the smooth Subliminal Sounds of Leo Diamond and his orchestra would, years later, provide the inspiration for Windows screen saver 'Mystify'?

17-09-2002 22:45 #

Ray Harryhausen profile

Skeletor and Gang
(Windows Media)

Happy Birthday Ray

Skeletor vs.

16-09-2002 21:58 #

35p to fill a note on the site when inspiration's lacking? Bargain, I'll take a fiver's worth
Well I guess that's me all prepared for Halloween then.
OK, perhaps not.

15-09-2002 13:12 #

Quincy always seemed a bit creepy to me.
I reckon it's due to that bit in the opening titles where it appears he's examining a corpse, only for the camera to pull back and reveal he's actually having a great time on his yacht caressing a woman in a bikini.
I half expected her to be found washed up on a beach in the next episode.
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Toast Leaners' Club updated

10-09-2002 18:52 #

Blame this for the lack of recent updates:

     A Tribute to Ray Harryhausen

Requires Flash, v5 or higher. Sorry about the big download, but hey, 1.1MB isn't that bad for over 2 minutes of animation.

If anyone's willing to help out with hosting the main file in return for an ad/credit on the page then do get in touch, I have a nasty feeling I may overstretch my current arrangements...

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