19-02-2003 23:24 #

An innovative filing system refined over the years

Following a jolly Saturday afternoon chat on my mobile with a nice man at the Inland Revenue, I had to spend some time sorting through 6 years of paperwork. Nothing as interesting as fraud or tax evasion was involved I'm afraid (if anything they owe me some cash), but it did manage to distract me from site updates for a while.

26-01-2003 16:43 #

From: louise
Date: 26 January 2003 14:41
i am trying to find out how many fags i can bring back benidorm can you help at all thanks

From: Matt Round
Date: 26 January 2003 15:51
Hi Louise, I'm afraid I've never been to Benidorm and don't smoke, so that information's never been something I've needed, sorry. Have a nice holiday though.

21-01-2003 19:17 #

Sometime in the early 80s, on a rainy afternoon in Beaumaris, I spent 50p on a copy of Willy The Kid Book 2, by Leo Baxendale.

It's full of daft comic humour and nice little touches, but this one had me scratching my head for over 10 years, until I finally got the joke. See if you're any quicker.

12-01-2003 14:15 #

A colleague brought some Hershey chocolate back from the U.S. Our verdict? "Looks like shit, smells like shit, tastes like puke." We're seemingly not alone... ("essence of vomit and rotting flesh";"well rotted manure";"taste as good as anal surgery feels")

08-01-2003 23:57 #

Death of a Web Legend

Oolong, balancer of countless miscellaneous objects, has passed away. Those with a tendency to cry at the end of Watership Down might want to avoid hovering over the pictures to read the descriptions.

04-01-2003 16:21 #

Hairy mole rats The naked mole rats didn't quite manage to maintain a consistently high standard of ideas for the Advent/Advert Calendar (see the Quality Assessment graph), but as it's malevole's 1st birthday I've decided to be lenient.

So the hair implants will have to wait, but in the meantime they seem reasonably happy with some second-hand wigs and beards...

28-12-2002 14:55 #

"Hey.. I reckon Shakin' Stevens must be the only person in the world who probably wouldn't mind getting Parkinson's Disease..."

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See what happened today in Serial Killer, Mass Murder, and Killing Spree history. Updated daily!

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MS Office calendar templates

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Got some loose change left over after shopping in the sales, but nothing to spend it on? Problem solved

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i write stuff, by vinay gupta

23-12-2002 01:06 #

Well, the work Christmas do was good, although no sprouts flew this year and the cartoon of Paul Daniels looming over our table put me off my food somewhat...

01-12-2002 21:57 #

Bah humbugAdvent/Advert Calendar
I've tried to keep my festive contribution true to the commercial spirit of Christmas, and it also offers a peek behind the scenes at malevole. Ugly naked molerats devise ideas for the site from a secret bunker, spurred on by hard drugs and promises of hair implant surgery. I'm sceptical about whether they'll manage decent material for all 25 advent days though, they're lazy little fuckers.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Look, Kevin, it's great you like my site and everything, but er.. you really need to sort out that "overflowing with anger and hate" stuff...

24-11-2002 16:41 #

This motorbike trials game yet again shows how physics can produce great gameplay, despite broken scoring and Java hassles. It's like Kick Start minus the dodgy theme tune and kids injuring their testicles.

"Listen! still not on the Net? You miss The Bet !!!
Oh Yeah, they can make you Champion of the Web !"

Any spare minutes have been going on freelance work and other projects, but expect something festive here soon, and the redesign work's trundling on...

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