09-02-2004 21:32 #

Some Girls You May Like - David Grantham expresses his appreciation of minor celebrities through a collection of mildly pervy video captures and an unintentionally-hilarious Feedback section.

If you recently enjoyed the Worst 100 Pop Records, you need Chegger's Choice. But be warned, life can never be the same again with Black Lace lurking near the top of your iTunes Artist list.

25-01-2004 15:29 #

     It's a lean, mean burgering machine

19-01-2004 21:34 #

An ex-colleague left behind an unwanted VHS copy of Inseminoid and, although I saw the trailer a while back, last weekend I approached watching the entire film with some trepidation. I needn't have worried, it was every bit as shoddy as I'd hoped.
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Pizza Hut? Pizza Cabin? Pah!
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Who says male geeks can't relate to women?
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Every now and then my referrer logs lead me to a discussion board that just seems a bit.. well... creepy.

08-01-2004 21:08 #

After a stressful New Year involving SSH, DNS, SCP, SQL, FTP, RPM and SSL (the dwarves from a geek production of Snow White?), the vole seems to have survived moving to a new server.

I've got a queue of stuff to post; abnormal service will resume gradually.

18-11-2003 22:13 #

The Insect Battledrome sounds awesome; Kriss Akabusi won't be laughing if he misses it.
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I've had quite a few requests for the scripting for this site. It's not currently available (and is a bit of a hacky mess), but when version 2's launched next year I may tidy, document and release the improved code for anyone to use.
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WANTED: vocal talent (lack of). If you'd like to feature in a weird online musical extravaganza then get in touch (ideally including the URL of a short mp3 demo, but that's not essential). I'm initially looking for 3 people to do strange interpretations of 3 specific TV themes I have in mind.

05-11-2003 23:01 #

Endless amusement/paranoia
Hutch molested by a woman with 4 arms?
Rage music
One for the cat lovers
Fame at last

01-11-2003 12:28 #

Perhaps should've saved this for Bonfire Night..?
Hallowe'en Can Be Bad For Your Health

27-09-2003 14:21 #

An unpleasant Bernard Manning lookalike/soundalike overheard on the train:

"The bad news is I'm coming back to the office, the good news is you'll have fucked off by then."
"1000 friggin' quid? I don't care about ACAS, they can take 700 and fuck off."
"Give her the push. Just email it to her, she's not worth the fucking postage."
"Oh it's that suspect invoices thing again, they've tried to get me on that before..."

I don't know who he works for, but if you're in the South Eastern sales division you're probably going to be laid off next month.

22-09-2003 22:14 #

Blimey, you lot are really into your guns and serial killers.

Some text has been adjusted and a question replaced in the quiz after the sloppiness of my research was pointed out numerous times.

To ensure this lapse won't be repeated I've ordered several large firearms and subscribed to Sicko Killers Monthly.

14-08-2003 22:13 #

Ape-ocalypse Now, Gibbons of Mass Destruction, etc. etc.Destroy Ape Technology

'Blessed Quietness' from Balaam's Ass... until the MIDI kicks in

Secret Chimp

A carefully contrived clutter of images and sound, or simply the natural by-product of a warped mind?

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