The Freaking Rat Bunny


Map of the Freaking area
Since 1997 residents and livestock around the small Warwickshire village of Freaking (pronounced Freckin) have been terrorised by a mysterious creature. At first sight this may seem like just another Beast of Bodmin or Nessie, but closer inspection reveals something far more bizarre and disturbing.

Artist's impression
Shown to the left is the latest artist's impression of the creature, based on eyewitness reports from several farmhands last summer. Note the rabbit-like physique and ears combined with a rattish snout and clearly rat-like tail. Reports of vicious, unprovoked attacks seem to demonstrate an inexplicably aggressive nature and local children have been warned against feeding or stroking.



Send in your comments and sightings.

Was Jimmy Carter attacked by an American rat bunny? The description seems strikingly similar.

I managed to buy some rat bunny toys at Freaking Fayre over Easter. To see them up close take a look at desktop wallpapers volume 2 in the downloads section of malevolent design.

"Help me! Oh My God.... They are breeding in my garden, do they breed at normal bunny pace!? What do they eat? How do I feed them? Do they need blankets? Shall I get a hutch for them? Should I ask them in? So many questions so little time, please email back soon.."
Bunny Boiler, Leamington Spa.

Are you sure your garden isn't simply occupied by either rabbits or rats? To date only single rat bunnies have been sighted, but we'd love to be proved wrong.

"This is really weird - I have just run over one in the car park - are they worth anything??? if so I will shovel it up and send it to you!!"
Emma, Leamington Spa

We advise against approaching one in this situation; it may only be injured and could lash out unexpectedly.

Photographic evidence"I managed to catch a Freaking Rat Bunny on camera yesterday. I made use of a Kodak EZ200 digital camera (also works as a webcam) then I downloaded it to my Tiny PC via the supplied USB cable. I am going to try retouching it in PhotoShop when I start my evening classes but you can already clearly see the shape of the body and the rat tail."
Mr. M. Davis, Stoneleigh
"The little fucker bit my daughter last month if I see one Im twatting it with a shotgun and asking questions later"
Mr. Steven Gately, Lillington
Gemma, aged 9


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